The Sim


Article 1: All members of the sim are to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Failure to adhere can get you banned.
Article 2: Where established, Stargate Canon is to be followed at all times.
Article 3: If in doubt, ask. No genuine question shall ever be ridiculed as this would contravene Article 1.
Article 4: The GM's decision is final. The GM attempts to listen and be fair as much as possible and to abide by the articles of the sim. However, the GM IS human and fallable.
Article 5: Please be honest and communicate. Tell us what's going on, ask questions, request plots or give ideas, tell us what's happening. If you're unhappy with something say so, everything is up for discussion, in line with Article 1. If you have IRL shit happening, let us know.
Article 6: Players and Discord server members must be a minimum of 18 years old.
Article 7: Don't be a dick.


When is the Sim set?
2004, immediately prior to Anubis' attack on Earth. IC Characters are not aware of the attack, but they are aware of reports of increased Goa'uld activity.

Is this the main SG1 universe/reality?
No. This reality is identical to the SG1 TV show up until the point of Anubis attack on Earth. After that it diverges. This does not necessarily mean that Anubis attack on Earth is the reason Earth cannot be dialled IC.

Can I play...?
The premise of the sim is that we are Tau'ri cut off from Earth, so Human Characters of Earth are much preferred. However exceptions will be considered. So... can I play...?

Jaffa: Yes, with prior GM approval
Tok'ra: ehhhhhhhhhh potentially, ask the GM
Human, not from Earth: Yes, with prior GM approval
A Tau'ri character of rank higher than O3: No
A Tau'ri character who is Civillian or from another country's military: Yes, as long as it doesn't contravene Article 2.
Goa'uld: No
Former goa'uld host: With prior GM approval
Asgard: No
Ancient: No
Nox: No
A non-canon species/race: No
Wraith: No
Ori: No
Replicator: HELL no.
A named character from franchise such as Sam Carter: No
Anyone related to a named character from franchise e.g. Sam Carter's cousin Geoffrey: No
Someone from a Parallel universe: No.
Someone from another time: No.

What SG Team should my character be from?
If the members of a team are mentioned in Canon anywhere we will not alter that, see rules - Article 2. Current members are from Teams whose names are not mentioned in Canon, according to if you wish to be in the same team as a current member of the sim you must accept their team origin story, up to the point you and they were separated.

Can my character know SG1 named characters such as Sam, Jack and Daniel IC?
Only in passing. No strong acquaintances or friendships with any established characters from Canon are allowed, see rules - Article 2.

When can I start?
The GM is aware how frustrating it is to be excited for a new SIM and take ages to start. Once your character application is approved we will do our best to get you into the live action as soon as possible. It will help if a player is flexible on how that happens. Having characters appear out of gates seemingly at any time is a useful tool for this!

How often do I need to write?
We'll aim to get a tag in every day. If you are absent for a while, especially without telling anyone we will move the action forward without you. Your character will not say or do anything specific in this eventuality and will be presumed to be going along with things/accepting orders etc.

Can I introduce aspects of another sci-fi universe?
No. Example: you submit a character called 'John Spock' who is flawlessly logical and has the face of Leonard Nimoy. That would be Star Trek. That would contravene Article 2.

Can my character come from an alternate reality?

Can my character be from another time?

Can my Avatar be in cartoon form?
No. Anime/cartoon avatars are not allowed. Your character should be a photo. If there is no one who looks like the character sketches or drawings or animation-style characters are permitted but must look as realistic as possible and must be approved by the GM before use.

Can I re-publish SIM stories in other places?
Yes, only with the knowledge and consent of all authors involved. All writing must be credited to all authors and a link to the sim must be included.