Lavender Haigh-Garcia

Name Lavender Diane Haigh-Garcia

Position Cultural Advisor


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tau'ri
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 127
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Lavender is quite slight with pale skin and black hair. She has very large grey eyes which make her look perhaps slightly startled or cartoonish. She is generally well presented at work wearing smart black dress/jackets combos at the SGC with her black hair up and professional makeup. In the field she wears a ponytail and USAF green fatigues with no rank as she is a civilian. Lavender has trained with an M9 and carries one as a sidearm in the field.

Off-duty Lavender wears all black, fairly typical goth-style clothing and strong yet pretty gothic makeup with black lips. Her piercings are generally taken out for work other than earrings but outside of work these all go back in. She has two rings around her bottom lip and various other facial piercings and her tattoos cover her stomach, back, neck, arms and thighs and are usually on display.


Spouse Jesús Garcia, b. 1977
Father John Roland Haigh, b. 1950 (incarcerated)
Mother Diane Haigh, 1953-1983

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lavender is fundamentally a good person but is quite rough around the edges. She can be extremely sarcastic, even rude especially when challenged, judged or talked-down to. Sometimes her making fun of people can go to a bit too far, a trait she gets from her father, but she will always apologise. She is also quite vain.

Lavender has no time for weak people, hand-holding or typical British pleasantries. She is a work hard play hard kind of person, but her hard exterior, born mostly from her first eight years will relent when she gets to know people. She is generous, looks out for others and will be the first to try to help anyone under any kind of duress.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Educated, especially on Goa'uld and other relevant cultures
+Excellent liar, if required
+Mentally strong
+Beautiful singing voice

-Extremely recognisable/memorable, doesn't "blend in"
-Addictive personality
-Inexperienced in the field
-Slightly deaf (higher registers only)
Hobbies & Interests Metal music and festivals
Classical music
Playing the accordion
Tattoo art and culture

Personal History Lavender was born in Uppotery, Devon in the UK. Her parents didn't really want her, especially her father who was physically and verbally abusive. When Lavender was eight her father accidentally killed her mother in a fit of drunken violence. Lavender managed to escape and find a neighbour who rang the police. As her father went to Prison Lavender was taken into foster care where she found more love and acceptance than she had ever known before. With the support of her foster family she did well in school, particularly enjoying History which she did for A-level, along with Ancient History and Spanish. After school Lavender was able to gain a scholarship to UCL for a Bachelor's degree in History, in which she specialised in Egyptian, Mayan and Incan civilizations and went on to do an M.A. at Oxford in Mayan language and culture.

After Oxford Lavender was recruited as a low level expert helping with archaeological digs in Central and South America. It was when returning from one of these trips Lavender met her husband, Jesús. At the airport in Miami Levender struck up a conversation with a Mexican American who thought she had been staring at him because of his gang banger tattoos. She thought he had been staring at her because of her Gothic makeup. Lavender admired his tattoos professing a want for more of her own and the couple hit it off big-time. They exchanged numbers and met up a few times at bars while she was in Miami, going out to get Tattoos together on their third date. Lavender took some leave time she was owed and stayed in Miami, visiting Jesús at his crib and being admired by his crew for her no-shits-given attitude, quick wit, good looks and exotic english accent. They spent three very happy weeks in Miami together, but it didn't take long though for things to sour. Lavender was no stranger to violence but didn't want a return to it for her life in any way. So when things got ugly with the gang Jesús brother was a member of and that spilled over on to their time together, Lavender had a decision to make. She pleaded with Jesús whom she loved dearly to leave Miami and that life and make a life with her instead. Jesús agreed and the two bought a car with Lavender's savings and road-tripped to Boston where Lavender had some contacts in the archaeology department at Harvard University. Lavender was able to secure a visa and get a job at Harvard, although she did have to cover her tattoos and tone down her makeup.

From Harvard Lavender was recruited by the USAF to help translate and interpret various ancient writings relating to the Goa'uld, and then she was brought into the Fold further, being given clearance to work on Goa'uld and Ancient writing's and artefact as she showed a talent for the work. It wasn't long before the USAF saw her potential and invited Lavender to consult with the SGC at Cheyenne Mountain. She lives in Colorado Springs with Jesús who is now an Officer with the Colorado Springs PD, hoping to get a promotion to Vice in the near future so he can use his gang experience to help people as his wife does.