Captain Sally Burkers

Name Sally Ashling Burkers

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tau'ri
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 135
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Sally stands at 5"4, her stance gives one of strength and approachable, The tone of voice is one of confidence and leadership.

From her early teens, she has kept her body in good physical shape. Her body is medium build and well able to carry double it's weight.

Sally's dark coloured hair is in-between black and brown. Her hair hangs just below her shoulders and with thick roots.


Children Molly Burkers
Father John Burkers
Mother Anna Burkers

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wounded badly in battle, Sally finds her future and chance of seeing her family slowly slip away as her heart deteriorates.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Have a house under her name and spend more time with her child
Hobbies & Interests Sketching

Personal History Born to John and Olivia Burkers, Sally had a pretty standard childhood. She hid the fact when she was young that she was half Irish, for fear of ridicule in school. Sally was more interested in athletics than makeup, but other than that she was the same as everyone else. Her mother's side of the family had always had strong roots in the military and as she got older, it seemed only natural for her to join the armed services.
Her occupation took precedence over everything else, dominating her life.vAs years moved on, Sally's life became increasingly focused on the army. Through the years, she was in a variety of short-term relationships, but it all changed when she encountered Richard.
Not in a wonderful way.
When Sally became pregnant, the relationship that was originally intended to be a one-night stand unexpectedly evolved into something more.
Sally and Richard made a decision to attempt to work things out for Molly's sake when she was born. They decided to relocate to Cardiff for support from Sally's mother. Things proceeded quite smoothly for the first few years, with only a few small issues; there had even been suggestions about getting married.

Even after she returned from maternity leave, the relationship seemed to strengthen from the time apart. Sally had the foolish impression that they were growing closer.
While Sally was serving her country overseas, her mother routinely stopped by Sally and Richard's house to deliver Molly to preschool. She took the post off the postman. Olivia's gutt told her to open the Halifax letter, she still remembered the time Sally ripped in to a bank clerk, even telling the bank supervisor where he could put his bank. Sally closed her account and vow never to go near the penny pinching bank again. Even when anyone mentioned the name, Sally would give her two pence on the issue. It was an credit card document outlining transactions made for high-end products whilst Sally was stationed overseas.
That morning Olivia confronted Richard about the statement, they argued for an hour before they agreed they'd talk once he returned from work He never returned that night, he had taken the bare necessities and fled. It was later learned he had been having an affair in the hospital where he worked as an accountant.
Her name was Melinda and between them had been accumulating money from the hospital accounts. He had also opened a number of credit cards under Sally's name. He fled the country that night with Melinda, within two weeks of involve the police. The police were on his tail

When Sally returned home to Wales, she learnt how her mother had protected her from a significant debt of several credit card providers and had prevented Richard from dumping her in financial ruin.

Olivia was able to present how Sally had been abroad when the accounts was set up. Sally made the decision to return to her childhood home, and having Molly live with her parents brought a fresh lease on life to them. Sally continued to serve within the Army and then when Molly was eight Sally began to realise they needed a home for themselves and she needed to be at home. There would be one last mission, to escort a British delegate to the United States. These events would change everything.

Service Record 1991 - Officer Cadet
1992 - Second Lieutenant
1994 - Promoted Second Lieutenant
1998 - Promoted Lieutenant
2002 - Promoted Captain