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Lance Corporal Hailey Fitzpatrick

Name Hailey Shellbie Fitzpatrick

Position Nurse

Rank Lance Corporal

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tau'ri
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5,2
Weight 125
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description At first glance Hailey will give the appearance of an innocent young girl, but her eyes are those of years of grief. All do she may have a slender build, her mussels are well able to lift her far share. Her hair is always tied up and likes to wear makeup with a natural look. Her uniform is always top shape and wears her QARANC Beret with pride.


Father Philip Morris (never met)
Mother Linda Morris (never meet)
Other Family Carol Fitzpatrick (step mother)
Sean Fitzpatrick (step father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A young woman who ran as far away as she could from her troubles back home in England.
Strengths & Weaknesses Athletic

Ambitions To finally meet her real mother
Hobbies & Interests Nights out
Drinking games
Bing watching her TV soaps

Personal History As Hailey's mother Carol always told her, she was born after her and her father Sean immigrated to Liverpool from Ireland. She was pure and simply a mistake, Carol spoke about this so much it became her catchphrase. She just never seemed to form a bond with Hailey like other mothers, she never even tried.
Happiness was one thing that infuriated Carol, when Hailey got older she could only assume it was because of her own childhood. Carol never revealed any information on Hailey's father, only the hateful messages and Hailey never dared to ask.
Years passed and Hailey's life went on with good days and bad days followed. Money was tight, but Hailey managed to form somewhat of a childhood, even if it did mean breaking a few laws. School was pretty normal and for what some would have called a problem child, Hailey blossomed and her kind heart grew. It was also where she had her first kiss while skipping history class in the girls toilets with a close friend. But for Carol, Hailey's love life made her sick, Names and slur directed towards Hailey became common, from on the street to when at home.
Upon finishing school, Hailey found a part-time job while she began to study nursing, For once she found freedom and it tasted so good. For the next four years, Hailey began to make a life with less control from Caro and it felt good.

Over the years, the only main contact between them was from Hailey which was once a week to make sure all was well. If anything, they grew closer in Hailey's eyes. The lack of seeing her so often made Carol tolerable. After all she was her only family and mother. One Friday morning, Carol demanded Hailey to help clean under her stairs through some old boxes. While Carol was making a trip to the store, Hailey came across an old Jacob's biscuit tin. Curiosity was overwhelming and she couldn't resist not to open it. As she rooted through the biscuit tin, she found letters with her name on them and photos of girls who looked very similar to her. One photo stood out, a family and a few words were written on the back

'Dear Hailey Aunt Carol says you're still not feeling the best, thanks for the lovely letter you wrote last month. As promised, here's a picture of our family. Do hope to meet you in person one day. Love Lily'

Hailey continued to root through the letters and photos till finally everything began to fit together, Carol was her Aunt, her real mother and father were the people in the photo. Most of all, she had three younger sisters. She went a pale white with the thought of the ultimate terror Carol had put on her. From the look of the letters, Carol had been replying to her real family for years, pretending to be her. The more she went through the box, the more she discovered. All these years of pain, all these dreams of a real loving family like her friends had been possible but robbed my Carol. Her mind raced with fear and anger, Suddenly the shock hit as one letter opened up with a date three months ago. 'Sorry you could not bother for once to even show face for your father's funeral, at least Aunt Carol had the respect to come,' Her legs collapsed from under her. As she hit the ground, she contemplated what to do. She had four hours before Carol would return from work. Lost and confused, Hailey sat there till she heard Carol open the front door shouting a slur to say she was home.
Just run
Escape, run
Taking the box of photos and letters Hailey ran back to her flat to pack a few clothes. That night she left Liverpool with the desire to get as far away as possible, even if it meant the other side of the Galaxy and she remained Lost and confused. The army gave her an escape and place to hide from knowing the real truth.
Service Record Private - two years
Lance corporal - one year

Served only in Afghanistan