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Sergeant Lacey Burkett

Name Lacey Burkett

Position Sniper

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Redhead
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At first glance, seeing Lacey in civvies one might not immediately think she was a soldier. She is not particularly tall at 5'6" and has quite a small frame, weighing in at around 120lbs before she joined the USAF at the age of 18. She generally wears a blue denim jeans with worn brown cowboy boots, a loose pullover or hoodie and a worn leather jacket. She has a cute slightly boyish face, covered in freckles and large grey green eyes with very long spidery lashes and her shoulder-blade length brown hair is slightly wavy.

Lacey generally has a lot of layers on, being raised in quite a warm climate it's not often that she is stripped down enough for the tattoos on her arms (and incidentally from her hips running up both sides of her body) to be seen. What can be seen is her penchant for wrist-warmers, arm warmers or warm tops that have long cuffs with thumb holes in, One of which is always part of her off-duty attire.

On duty Lacey is always immaculately turned out (unless wearing full sniper attire) with her hair up in a bun and her tattoos generally covered.

The same freckles that are prominent on her face also run down her arms (and actually most of her body) but are largely obscured by a plethora of tattoos, most prominent of which is a portrait of a sad looking woman on her right upper arm, what looks like a map snaking down the length of her right lower arm which is dotted with white roses and an anime girl in a rather revealing (but not graphic) camouflage outfit backed by two parked Humvees on her upper left arm.


Father John Burkett, b. 1953
Mother Adelaide Burkett, b. 1957
Sister(s) Jane Burkett, b. 1978

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lacey is generally a very positive person, outgoing but not too chatty with a warmth and inclusive charm that makes those around her feel special. She has a strong Alabama accent and is constantly sending herself up and taking the mick out of herself and the south in general. She is certainly one for banter but would never take it to the point of hurting anyone. She is universally calm, seeing little point in anger or aggravation and has no particular airs or graces to speak of. Being the younger and less successful daughter of the family her ego only extends so far as disappointment if she is beaten in a shooting competition, but that is generally seen forgotten in her excitement for the victory of whoever bested her. Lacey comes across as professional at work but fun, loving and playful the rest of the time. The only time that changes is if anyone calls her Lace. "Now don't you be callin' me Lace, coz that ain't my name!"

Since her time serving the air force in Afghanistan Lacey has acquired a slightly darker side and can occasionally be quiet, introverted and a little skittish. She is however very determined and generally perfectly well in control of her emotions and her faculties.

Lacey is not one for academia and while far from stupid would rather leave the science and Archaeology to those better versed. She is always willing to try though and will happily take on any task the higher ups in her team will give her, as long as she understands it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
An extremely good shot, expert in most firearms. Would stand a very good chance of winning most firefights.
Expert at camouflage and concealment
Good people skills, good at speaking to people, calming them down
Unshakeable loyalty
Decent singer, if you like Country
Can ride a horse very well
Very open-minded
Very cheerful
Very very patient
Doesn't get bored easily

Physically extremely fit and quite strong for her size but not very powerful. Would Likely lose most hand-to-hand combat against properly trained adversaries.
Easily misled
Tendency to think the person giving the orders is always correct
Tendency towards self-deprecation
Will always try to save people even if the cost is probably too high
Signs of mild PTSD – mostly flashbacks
Hobbies & Interests Horse riding
Calf roping (Practice Dummies only)
Brewing cider
Survival skills
Romance novels
Satellite communications

Personal History Lacey had a reasonably happy childhood in Enterprise Alabama. At least, looking back now that is how she feels about it. At the time Lacey found it rather insufferable living in the shadow of her more intelligent and more successful older sister Jane. Is it seemed whatever Lacey turned her attention to Jane would be better at it than she was (and possibly to be expected because Jane was 2 years older). When Lacey was seven years old she decided to diverge from stereotypically female activities that little girls were supposed to partake in and went her own way, being a little tomboyish in the process. It was her new friend Jonah's father who first taught Lacey to ride a horse and this became the one thing at which she was able to outshine her older sister.

From that point on Lacey and Jonah were largely inseparable. Whenever she could Lacey would head to her friend's farm on the outskirts of town To ride, talk, Generally hang out and get up to low-level mischief. In middle school Jonah became Lacey's boyfriend and the two of them went through their years there and at high school largely ignoring everyone else apart from a few choice friends who were to quote Jonah "not assholes". Lacey was generally liked and popular and her and Jonah's group were seen as an alt-cool clique, although being Jane Burkett's little sister still followed Lacey around for the duration.

After graduating high school at the age of eighteen Lacey spent a few weeks staying with her sister in Atlanta, eventually landing a basic and very low level office job. Lacey wasn't in that job a week before she decided she never wanted to work in an office again and immediately signed up for and was accepted to the United States Air Force.

After completing basic training Lacey was assigned to Beale AFB in California. During her basic training she had excelled at weapons handling and shooting and in early 1995 she trained as an armourer, a job for which he was ideally suited and enjoyed very much from the outset. Being an Armourer for the air force was a very process driven Job, with every task having a set procedure that Lacey could memorise in order and repeat when needed. When not actively involved with passing out, maintaining and receiving small arms she took the opportunity to learn everything she could about the individual weapons, learning to blind strip many of them. The armoury at Beale was a small team of enlisted personnel and NCOs which suited her relaxed personality perfectly. It was during this 1st few months in the air force that her relationship with Jonah broke down. They weren't able to see each other much and to say that he didn't agree with her choice of career would be understating matters somewhat. Lacey and Jonah officially broke up in 1995.

Lacy continued in her support role for the air force at Beale working her way up to senior airman with time, proficiency and further training courses. Due to the very strict nature of air force Armouries, allowing no criminal record, no drinking and no smoking at any time, she never dared to put a foot wrong and as such had a remarkably clean service record, probably more clean than her personality otherwise may have led to. In 2001 she followed up on her regular training being the second woman in the history of the air force to attend the Close Precision Engagement Course at Fort Bliss, Texas to become an air force sniper. Initially a bit of a joke being the only female on the course and by far the smallest and shortest her personality initially won through and her talent and hard work earned her the respect of her course-mates and instructors by the end of the nineteen days. Her success at Fort Bliss and her subsequent dedicated practice with the M24 Sniper Weapon System (A.K.A. the Remington model 700 7.62mm NATO Bolt action sniper rifle) led to multiple awards for marksmanship in 2002 and later a deployment to Afghanistan in the same year as part of a Close Precision Engagement Team.

Lacey distinguished herself in Afghanistan showing judgement, maturity and extremely high accuracy. She was credited with preventing two attacks on US Air bases by precision recon and, when necessary, quick elimination of key targets. For her work she was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal and was earmarked for reassignment to the SGC due to her collection of skills and proven tactical analysis and decision making.

Service Record 8-10/1998 Enlisted USAF, basic training, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas
1999-2002, Armourer, Beale AFB, California
1999 Passed Command Ammunition, Arms and explosives screening.
1999 Air Force Small arms repair course
2001 Promoted E-3
2001 Passed CPEC Sniper course, Camp Joseph T. Robinson Army National Guard facility, Little Rock, Arkansas
2002 Awarded United States military marksmanship badge
2002 Awarded United States Air Force distinguished marksman competition badge
5-11/2002 Deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Close Precision Engagement Team
2003 Promoted E-4
2003 Assigned to SGC